Content scan can be a very powerful tool if used correctly. In this page, we will attempt to showcase many ways how this function can serve in multiple type of purposes.

How keywords works

When you add multiple keywords from the screenshot, Munio will match them in the specified order when scraping websites. For instance, if you add the keywords "Banana, Apple, Orange," Munio will flag a link if the HTML content contains these words in that exact order. However, it will not flag the link if the words are in a different order, such as "Apple, Orange, Banana."

If you want Munio to detect these three words without a specific order, you should add each keyword separately. In the "Add keywords" picture above, add only "banana" and click submit. Then, add a new keyword and repeat the process, adding only one keyword at a time. For example, add "orange," and so on.

Multiple words per keyword

Keyword example

discord nitro free, enjoy bigger file uploads

From the image above, the bot will be able to scan these 2 keywords and flag the domain. By adding several words per keywords, it allows the bot to specifically target website that continues to use the same text content.

In keyword 1 example, it contains 3 words "Discord nitro free", which means that bot will scan these 3 words in that exact order. So if these 3 words are in mixed order example "free discord nitro", then the bot will not detect keyword 1.

Another situation is if a sentence contains this:

Get 1 discord month of nitro free from.... Then bot will not treat that as keyword 1. That is where single word per keyword could be useful instead.

Theres pros and cons by adding multiple words per keywords which will be listed below.

+ Highly specialized which will target specific type of website content. + Less likely that legitimate domain will get flagged. - If a phishing website decides to change the entire text content then no match will be found. - Example Keyword 1 must match against identical words in the same order in order to get flagged. If website content has the following words in wrong order: nitro discord free then keyword 1 will not get matched.

Single word per keyword

Keyword example

discord, nitro, free

From the image above, it showcases that the bot will individually scan each word on the website content to match against your configured keyword.

Theres pros and cons by adding single words per keywords which will be listed below.

+ Cover more variety of websites based on server owners preference, when configured correctly. More keywords you add, the less likely legitimate websites will get flagged. + Can scan single keyword in any type of order. Example Keyword 3 can appear first while keyword 2 and 1 comes after and bot will still flag it. - Higher risk for flagging legitimate websites, as websites tend to use the same words. Requires more effort to configurate with accurate keywords. - If you add fewer keywords, the chances are that the bot will flag more legitimate website because there's less specialization in your keyword configuration.

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