Phish Grabber

Content Scanner

A data scraping feature that scans any websites html content in order to match against server owners blacklisted keywords.

How Content scan works

Content Scan flags any domains depending on the html content inside of the website and match against your blacklisted keywords. This means that you don't even need to know the exact url to block bad links. The feature can be useful for example blocking specific youtube links that have video titles such as: "How to get free discord nitro", "get free steam games" "how to become rich with mining".

Important to know

If executing this command with "orange, apple, banana", this will count as 1 phrase!
The bot will use these 3 separate words and try match against the html content from a domain. It doesn't matter which order these words are posted. As long as the html content contains all of these 3 words, the bot will flag that domain and sanction the user accordingly.
You can configure additional phrase such as "gold, red, yellow, pink, purple" which means the bot will then scan websites content for any of these phrases.
Note that the bot will not flag the website if the content does not contain all words from the same phrase. Example if the html content contains these words only:
Phrase 1 gold, red Phrase 2 apple
Then the bot will not flag the url. It must contain all words from the specific phrases to flag a domain.

Default: Disabled

To configurate this scanner, follow these steps:
Step 1: /settings Step 2: Select Server scanners Step 3: Content scanner