Primary Anti-phishing

A community of developers reporting verified phishing domains to API. Have high accuracy of confirmed phishing domains.

Main phishing database

This bot uses 2 main APIs that maintain a large database of phishing domains that specifically target discord, steam and epic websites. Discord is being plagued with compromised accounts that spams phishing links that pretends to be discord, steam or epic in order to trick users entering their login details. Which is the main function of this bot uses these apis to detect and sanction the users accordingly. Thanks to the APIs, Munio can scan known URL shorteners and find the real domain hiding behind it, and match the real domain against the database.

Default: Enabled

By default, the bot automatically uses "Primary Antiphishing" scanner type and scans any links and have punishment type "Delete & Ban".

Default punishment type: Delete & Ban

To configurate this scanner, follow these steps:

Step 1: /settings Step 2: Select Server scanners Step 2: Click the button Set Primary AntiPhish API Punishment

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