/youtube add-keywords keywords:

You can add multiple keywords, just ensure to add comma between each words.

Useful tip: You can choose to have the bot scan for a single word consecutively if you add a comma between each keyword or you can add several words in one single keyword.

Example usage: /contentscan add-keywords keywords: i like eating apple, but i dislike orange, lemon taste great "i like eating apple" This would count as 1 keyword. If you add more words per keywords, the more specialized the bot will be when flagging against domains. This can be useful for matching specific sentences that some site uses, which usually yields a more surgicial target against a very specific website content.

Youtube scan is disabled by default. To activate it, simply add keywords


/youtube list-keywords

This command will list all the keywords you have added for youtube.


/youtube remove-keywords keywords:

This command will remove specific keywords you previously added on youtube.


/youtube add-channel url:

Block a specific youtube channel. Do note that you need to submit a valid video url from the channel. Command will not work if you copy the channel url!


/youtube list-channels

Show list of blacklisted youtube channels.


/youtube remove-channel id:

Remove the blacklisted youtube channel. Make sure you copy the ID and not the name of the youtube channel!

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