Avatar scanner

Using pHash to scan and match against blacklisted profile picture

How Global/Local avatar scanner works

Munio scans profile picture(avatar) when new user join your server and when they are in your server and changes to a new profile picture. Bot will now match any profile pictures with the aforementioned conditions against the bots database of blacklisted profile pictures using similarity comparison that works like Google reverse image search.

The blacklisted profile picture will only get added to the database if DM BOT spammers uses multiple accounts with the same profile picture. This feature will be extremely useful protecting your server against DM SPAMMERS that impersonate discord staff or any known dm spammers.

Default: Enabled

Bot will by default auto kick users from all servers if the users profile picture match against the profile picture database.

Default punishment type: Kick

To configurate this scanner, follow these steps:

Step 1: /settings Step 2: Option 1: Global Scanners Option 2: Local Scanners Step 3: Avatar Scanner

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