Munio uses a simple command structure to setup and configure settings by using 1 single entry point command /settings

Command structure

When executing the command /settings you are presented with 3 selection fields.

  • Global Scanners For server owners own protection, Munio have several scanners enabled by default with the goal of protecting server owners community without needing configure too much to setup the bot in their community server. These global scanners have configurations that are optimized to detect most common harmful links and ability to protect discord servers. These global scanners in terms of function are identical to Server scanners which acts as your local scanner. The global scanners can be of course deactivated.

  • Local Scanners The scanners from Global scanners shares identical functions in Local scanners. The only difference between Global and Local is that local are settings that applies only to your server and nowhere else.

  • Server Settings This module allows you to set up log channel where bot post messages,


In order for bot to successfully punish the user, the bot must be in higher role hiearchy than the user's role.

Good to know: By default, the bot works without any configurations however if you wish to see logs when bot sanction a users and adjust type of punishment then setting up the bot can be a good idea.

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